National Shroud Of Turin Exhibit

I want to support the "National Shroud of Turin Exhibit - World's Greatest Mystery"

Your tax-deductible donation to the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit will fund a permanent state-of-the-art presentation about the world’s most studied and mysterious artifact.

Our team of Shroud experts is seeking exhibit space in Washington, D.C. that will attract continuous, walk-in traffic. Additionally, a small “contemplation chapel” is planned for inspired visitors to pray and reflect upon what, for centuries, millions of people around the globe believe is the burial Shroud of Jesus Christ.

We plan not to charge an entry fee to visit the future "National Shroud of Turin Exhibit - World's Greatest Mystery." However, donations will be boldly encouraged to subsidize this impressive exhibit that glorifies God through the Passion of Jesus Christ.

 The National Shroud Exhibit is a project of, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) charity with tax-deductible donations.

HOLY SHROUD FRAGRANCE - gift with $250 donation. This majestic fragrance was formulated with the same Holy Land oils used to anoint Jesus while he was being wrapped in His burial Shroud. You will find the fragrance to be unique and comforting.