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  • Teddi Pappas


    Theodora A. Pappas, or “Teddi” as she is known by many, is a criminal defense attorney who has been practicing law since 1994 –most of that time being a solo practitioner.  Her practice has extended to the general sessions courts as well as trial courts and appellate courts. 

    Although in private practice, she has also, over the years, accepted many court-appointed cases to represent indigent defendants, and has, also, represented numerous clients on a pro bono basis. 

    For approximately 15 years, she had been a regular guest lecturer at several local universities where she would discuss Fourth Amendment protections under the U.S. Constitution as they relate to police-citizen encounters.

    She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, with a minor in History, from the University of Texas at Austin in 1991, and she earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the University of Memphis in 1994.

    Teddi first became aware of the Holy Shroud when she was around 15 years old, and she has been fascinated by the Shroud ever since.  While she would, periodically perform casual research concerning the Shroud over the years, over the past 2.5 years, her study of the Shroud has become more focused and far more intensified.  She is a very active member of the international Shroud Science Group and is on the board of directors of the nonprofit organization Sign From God which was a sponsor for the recent Shroud exhibit in Washington, D.C. and whose mission is to spread both awareness and knowledge of the Shroud to both Christians, atheists and people of other faiths, alike.

    Since December of 2019, she has been a regular guest on various podcasts including “Real Seekers Ministries,” “Skeptics and Seekers,” and “Proselytize or Apostatize” where she spoken about the Shroud of Turin, and has also been involved in debates regarding its authenticity.  She has, also, spoken on these podcasts on a range of other topics which often merge the incendiary topics of religion and politics and which are, often, in an informal debate format with skeptics and/or atheists.

    On October 7, 2022, Teddi founded “The Roundtable for the Holy Shroud.”  RHS is an international team of Shroud scholars who have roundtable discussions to discuss various Shroud issues which they are not only investigating through research, but, also, investigating through the performance of various tests and scientific experiments.  



  • Dave Belz


    Dave Belz has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Shroud Center of Southern California since 2014.  He has been a student of the Shroud of Turin for more than 40 years and has given numerous presentations on the Shroud.  

    Dave graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1975 and was a trial lawyer for more than 32 years.   He currently serves as a Superior Court Judge in Orange County California. 

    Dave brings a long personal history relating to evidence and proof of facts.  Dave has promoted a balanced and objective approach to understanding the mysteries of the Shroud based on history, science and faith. 

  • Dr. Gus Accetta


    August David Accetta MD completed his medical education at Marquette medical college of Wisconsin and his residency at UCLA/Kern in 1990. His medical specialty is reconstructive pelvic surgery. His interest in the Shroud began as a child with his parents exposing him to his first images of the Shroud of Turin in the 1970s. Though he considered the images mysterious, his research in the Shroud did not begin until 1994. He founded the SHROUD CENTER of Southern California in 1996 and collaborated with many in the main stream of Shroud research at that time. Dr. Accetta’s primary research investigates nuclear imaging’s contribution to image formation on the Turin Shroud. His first of four scientific papers was published in the proceedings of the Dallas’ first international Congress in 1999. Three more followed in the Congress of Orvieto Italy, Richmond Virginia, and the second international Congress in Dallas 2002.

  • David Adams


    David Adams is a retired U.S. Foreign Service officer who, since 2006, has served as Vice President for Missions (overseas operations) for Cross Catholic Outreach, a humanitarian Catholic ministry that engages in poverty alleviation in some 35 countries. Starting in 2023 Adams is serving as Vice President, Emeritus for Cross Catholic.

    Adams has been interviewed on Catholic radio on multiple occasions about his ministry's work abroad, and also has shared with Catholic audiences his observations on the Shroud of Turin, which he has seen twice, studied, and commented on for a number of years.

  • Mark Antonacci


    Mark has studied all aspects of the Shroud for more than 40 years. For over two decades, he has proposed that new, non-destructive or minimally invasive tests be adapted and applied to the Shroud and various materials on it at their molecular and atomic levels. This testing would not only prove their ages, but what caused all the unique features throughout its unparalleled body images and blood marks. These new scientific techniques could even prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether an unprecedented radiating event occurred to the multiply-wounded, crucified corpse wrapped in this cloth, which not only encoded all of these features, but left unnatural and unforgeable evidence of when, where, and to whom all of these events occurred.

    Mark is an attorney and has authored the two most comprehensive and substantive books on the Shroud, The Resurrection of the Shroud in 2000 and Test the Shroud in 2015. He is writing a third book titled The Shroud of Turin 101. Mark is also the founder and president of Test The Shroud Foundation, a 501(c) (3) not for profit corporation. And a founding board member of