National Shroud of Turin Exhibit Team at World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal

Educating the Youth at World Youth Day About The Shroud of Turin, August 1-6 Lisbon, Portugal.

Nora Creech shares her experiences at World Youth Day with Dr. Cheryl White and Father Andrew Dalton, L.C., who are all National Shroud of Turin Exhibit Team members.

Nora wrote: As a representative of the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit, I was privileged to join the pilgrimage to Lisbon to participate in World Youth Day 2023.  I met my colleagues, Dr. Cheryl White, and Fr. Andrew Dalton, in Lisbon to present two catechesis sessions on “The Worlds’ Greatest Mystery: The Shroud of Turin”.   We spoke at the Forum Lisboa (a civic auditorium in downtown Lisbon).  Eager young adults from all over the world found their way to this obscure location to learn more about the Shroud.  Read more..


Three team members from the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) - Dr. Cheryl White, Nora Creech and Fr. Andrew Dalton, L.C - were among the 1.5 million attendees at World Youth Day - the Catholic festival held in Lisbon, Portugal from August 1-6. Pope Francis addressed the massive crowd with pilgrims from every country in world. Cheryl, Nora and Fr. Dalton represented NSTE with two, 3-hour presentations and one 90-minute talk about the Shroud of Turin to a combined audience of 1,400 people. They also distributed 40,000 Shroud of Turin calling cards with a QR code directed to NSTE's site menu “Learn About The Shroud” (shown below).

Photos: Above, from WYD program about the first Shroud session. Below left from L. to R., Dr. Cheryl White, Fr. Andrew Dalton, L.C., and Nora Creech on their way to their first presentation attended by 800 pilgrims. Next, Fr. Dalton addressing the crowd. Then, during the presentation Cheryl and Nora "wrapped" a volunteer to demonstrate how the Man of the Shroud was wrapped in His burial shroud. Bottom: Front and back of 40,000 business cards that our team distributed to WYD attendees. 



Congrats to the NSTE team for a job well done!