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  • Exec Team Member Nora Creech - Shroud Interview at The Catholic World Report

    Posted by · March 25, 2024

    "The Shroud shows what Jesus endured for our salvation"

    Catholic World Report Shroud of Turin Interview with Nora Creech“There is a complete harmony between the Shroud and the Scriptures,” says Nora Creech, an expert and lecturer on the Shroud of Turin. “We can see with our eyes what we hear with our ears when we read about Jesus’s Passion. And even more, the scientific study continues to support the supernatural nature of the Shroud image.”  Read more about this in-depth educational interview with one of the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit's nationally known Shroud experts.


    "Nora Creech is a lecturer on the history, science, and pastoral implications of the Shroud of Turin, which many believe to be the burial cloth of Christ.  Her educational background includes earning a Master of Arts degree in Faith and Culture from the University of St. Thomas in Houston and completing a year-long course in Shroud studies offered online by the Pontifical University, Regina Apostolorum in Rome. She has consulted with a variety of organizations to develop and expand Shroud exhibits, is on the board of directors of the Shroud Center of Southern California, is a founding member of the National Shroud Exhibit, and is the North American representative for Othonia, which promotes the Shroud around the globe."

  • Shroud Exhibit Executive Team Member Joe Marino In The Media

    Posted by · March 23, 2024

    "Is this the face of Jesus?" From "Christianity," The leading Christian magazine in the UK

    "Interest in the Shroud of Turin continues to be insatiable. As the Church remembers Christ’s death and resurrection this Easter, a world-leading scholar in the study of the Shroud explains why he’s so confident this really is the burial cloth of Jesus." https://www.premierchristianity.com/interviews/is-this-the-face-of-jesus/17359.article


    Also, check out this link: Comedy, Conversion & the Shroud of Turin | feat. Rob Schneider & Joe Marino. Recently, Joe was a guest, along with actor Rob Schneider, on Mike Creavey's highly regarded podcast. They discussed a potential movie "based on a true story" about the groundbreaking Shroud research that Joe and his late wife, M. Sue Benford was so passionately engaged - and Joe is still. 

  • $1 Million Challenge to Replicate Shroud of Turin Press Conference after National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

    Posted by · February 19, 2024

    February 8 was a banner day for the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit. First we had an information table at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., then hosted a press conference to announce the $1 Million Challenge to replicate the Shroud of Turin expanded to the USA.

    Above, our booth at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. Below team members, left to right: Dr. Cheryl White, Nora Creech, Myra Kahn Adams and Lisa Rowan with a mini-Shroud replica that Nora brought from Turin.


    Below: David Rolfe, our special guest from the UK, is a legendary award-winning Shroud filmmaker. In 2022, in his film "Who Can He Be?" David challenged the British Museum to the first "$1 Million Challenge." It was the British Museum that managed the infamous 1988 C-14 dating concluding the Shroud was produced between 1260 - 1390 by a medieval artist. The Museum's botched testing has been globally criticized for decades to this day. Since the Museum never responded to the Challenge, the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit is promoting the expansion of David Rolfe's $1 Million Challenge to the United States.

    Our news conference generated numerous articles in publications such as the Catholic Register- International Edition and Catholic Review and then widely reposted. On February 12, the Townhall.com Shroud Challenge article was picked up on RealClearReligion and reposted on RealClearPolitics.com. Then the piece remained on the RealClearReligion's "Most Read Last 7 Days" list for a week. 

    Furthermore, the global distribution network for EWTN - Catholic News Agency - featured the "mothership" article about Catholic Breakfast headlined "National Catholic Prayer Breakfast speakers highlight joy and sacrifice of the Christian life" that was picked up around the nation and world. The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit was mentioned at the end and one of our team members Nora Creech was extensively quoted:

    "Also present were several members of the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit, who held a press conference after the breakfast in which they announced plans to open a new permanent exhibit soon in Washington, D.C. Nora Creech, an expert on the Shroud of Turin, explained that their efforts to bring renewed attention to the Shroud of Turin are based on a desire to debunk a controversial radiocarbon study by the British Museum that alleged the relic was a medieval fraud. Creech said that by educating others on the authenticity of the shroud they hope to help people encounter Christ and the joy and wonder of the faith."

    “We have two generations that haven’t heard about the shroud because of this radiocarbon dating,” she said. “When I go in parishes and give talks, young people come up to me and they have tears in their eyes, and they say: ‘Why has nobody ever told me this before? Why is it that the Gospel is revealed here in this linen cloth, and this is the first time I’m hearing about it?’” “So,” she went on, “we are all just passionate about sharing with this generation that they can come to know Jesus, they can know that the Gospels are true by studying his holy shroud.”

    Press conference Feb. 8, 2024. From left to right: Myra Kahn Adams, David Rolfe, Russ Breault, Dr. Cheryl White and Nora Creech. Stay tuned, as the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit explores locations for what will be our future home. We trust that Jesus is leading our search and will find us major donors.




  • $1 Million Challenge to Replicate Shroud of Turin-Expanded to USA

    Posted by · January 28, 2024

    ***NEWS RELEASE***

    For Immediate Release: February 1, 2024

    Press Conference on February 8th.

    CONTACT: Myra Kahn Adams - National Shroud of Turin Exhibit.org  

    [email protected]  

    $1 Million Challenge to Replicate Shroud of Turin-Expanded to USA

    Press conference: February 8, 2024, at 10 a.m. in Salon 15 at the Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, D.C., after the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.

    Who: David Rolfe, the well-known British award-winning Shroud of Turin film producer, and Myra Kahn Adams, Executive Director of The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE), along with Shroud experts from the NSTE, will be present to announce a USA expansion of Rolfe’s $1 Million Challenge to replicate the Shroud of Turin. In 2022, Rolfe offered his initial $1 Million Challenge solely to the British Museum, which has yet to respond. Rolfe presented the Challenge in his 2022 film Who Can He Be? when the Challenge generated global media attention after the film’s initial release in the U.K.

    What: The Shroud of Turin is a mysterious 14 ft. x 3 ft. linen burial cloth bearing an unexplained bloodstained image of a crucified man that millions believe is the biblically-mentioned linen that wrapped Jesus in the tomb. Consequently, the Shroud is the world's most analyzed and revered artifact. Based on recent exhibitions, films, podcasts, books, and articles, public interest in the Shroud is at an all-time high.

    Background: David Rolfe’s $1 Million Challenge is rooted in 1988 when the British Museum supervised a carbon-14 dating of the Shroud of Turin. Then, with much fanfare, the Museum announced the Shroud as a fake produced between 1260 and 1390. Immediately, scientists criticized the methodology, which compromised the accuracy of the Museum’s conclusions. Furthermore, the Museum refused to release the raw data until 2017, when the results were reexamined and their dates found to be unreliable.

    Why: The essence of Rolfe’s 2022 British Museum Challenge — now expanded to the USA — is an either-or proposition. In 1978, a highly respected examination by over 30 scientists concluded the Shroud “was not the product of an artist” and, therefore, could be authentic. Alternatively, the 1988 British Museum’s carbon-14 dating labs reported a medieval date, meaning the Shroud could not have wrapped Jesus and was therefore produced by human hands. If true, Challenge entrants should be able to replicate the Shroud’s image using only technology from the Middle Ages and win the $1 million prize.  

    How: Starting February 8, any person, organization, or institution in America can apply to undertake Rolfe’s $1 Million Challenge to create the image of a crucified man that appears on the linen Shroud. The winning copy must comply with established measurable criteria based on extensive modern analysis. See full details about the USA Shroud $1 Million Challenge on the “Who Can He Be?”/Challenge site, where the 2022 film is available for streaming.

    Myra Kahn Adams said, “Our team of national Shroud experts are honored to help promote David Rolfe’s $1 Million American Challenge to replicate the Shroud. This Challenge complements our forthcoming National Shroud of Turin exhibit, "World’s Greatest Mystery.” Our exhibit and David Rolfe’s Challenge ask the same questions: “Who Can He Be?” and “Who Do You Say I Am?”   

    To interview David Rolfe or Myra Kahn Adams and Shroud experts from the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit team, contact Myra Kahn Adams at [email protected]    

    National Shroud of Turin Exhibit’s Challenge Disclaimer:

    Performco Ltd. underwrites this Challenge hosted by David Rolfe. The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) is not hosting, judging, funding, offering, or paying any proceeds to any person, organization, institution, or entity that enters the above Global Challenge by David Rolfe and Performco Ltd. The NSTE bears no responsibility whatsoever for any such functions and only promotes the above-expanded Challenge by Performco Ltd. in the United States. All decisions regarding the Challenge, the entrants, or their submissions are made by Performco’s independent judges and are final.







  • National Shroud of Turin Exhibit at SEEK24 FOCUS Event - Fr. Dalton Jammed the Room!

    Posted by · January 07, 2024

    Along with 20,000 Catholic college students and 282 exhibitors, the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) also had a booth at the SEEK24 FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic Univ. Students) convention in St. Louis, MO from January 1-5. At our booth pictured below from L to R, were our two volunteers, Sheila Stevens and Julie Medearis. On behalf of the NSTE team I can't thank Sheila and Julie enough for all their long hours and dedication to our successful SEEK experience. We could not have done this without you both.

    Pictured below are Myra Kahn Adams - NSTE Exec. Director and Fr. Andrew Dalton, an esteemed member of our NSTE team. Our booth had so much interest that we ran out of Shroud posters and distributed nearly 1000 Shroud cards with the QR code to our website.

    The highlight of NSTE's time at SEEK was Tuesday, Jan. 2, when Fr. Dalton gave a Shroud presentation in a large room that needed to be three times larger. There was not an unoccupied inch of floor space and we were shocked that the fire marshall did not shut us down. After Fr. Dalton's talk, he could not walk two steps in the massive convention hall without being stopped by adoring fans. The power of the Shroud at work!

    Below: Myra, far left, introduced Fr. Dalton. Julie Medearis took the photo from the side door because she could not get in the room!

    Below from left to right are Joel Stepanek, Myra Adams and Fr. Andrew Dalton. Joel is Vice President of Programming and Administration for the National Eucharistic Congress (NEC) scheduled July 17-21 in Indianapolis IN. There, the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit will have a Shroud exhibit and host a speaker's program at this inspirational national event where over 80,000 Catholics and many VIPs are expected to attend. Two of our NSTE team, Nora Creech and Dr. Cheryl White, are working closely with Joel Stepanek to arrange our Shroud exhibit and program. Many thanks to Cheryl and Nora for their time and effort helping to plan for the NEC.

    Special thanks to Nora Creech who initiated the NSTE booth at SEEK and arranged for Fr. Dalton to speak. Extra thanks to Ralph Voss, whose generous financial support made our SEEK participation possible. Again, I want to acknowledge Julie Medearis, Sheila Stevens, Fr. Dalton, Nora Creech and our donor Ralph Voss. Bless you all for your SEEK participation, helping to educate thousands of college students about the Shroud. Seeds were planted and only God knows how they will grow.

    The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit's next event is February 8 at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. We will have an information booth (2023's booth shown below) a breakfast table, and host a press conference following the Breakfast. Stay tuned, for we plan to announce some big Shroud news that will generate national and international attention. We pray that 2024 will be our breakthrough year and that the Lord will bring us donors to build a permanent Shroud of Turin exhibit in Washington, D.C. at Union Station. For more information about all of the above, contact: [email protected] and also to request a copy of NSTE's Business Plan.

    Shown above at the 2023 National Catholic Prayer Breakfast are members of the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit - Executive Team. From left to right: Lisa Rowan, Nora Creech, Myra Kahn Adams, and Dr. Cheryl White. 




  • Fr. Robert Spitzer Shroud Event at CIC co-hosted by National Shroud of Turin Exhibit in D.C.

    Posted by · October 21, 2023

    From L to R: Fr. Robert Spitzer, National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) Executive Director Myra Kahn Adams, NSTE Executive Team member Lisa Rowan, Catholic Information Center (CIC) Director Fr. Charles Trullols, NSTE advisor David Adams

    At CIC on Oct. 18, the NSTE was honored to co-host Fr. Robert Spitzer S.J., Ph.D., one of the world's leading experts on the Shroud of Turin. Fr. Spitzer is beloved by millions of Catholics and seen weekly on his popular EWTN show “Father Spitzer's Universe.” He is founder and president of the Spitzer Center and the Magis Center. Fr. Spitzer, who is blind, is an inspiration to those with disabilities, as a scholar, leader, teacher, author, pre-eminent theologian and philosopher. His other fields of expertise include management science, finance, ethics, and physics.

    Fr. Spitzer's presentation informed and engaged the CIC audience about the compelling scientific data behind the Shroud. He highlighted the linen cloth's theological insights addressing how science intersects with faith and hope – shedding light on why millions of people believe the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. Watch the Oct. 18 program here.

    The Fr. Spitzer Shroud event was this year's third successful program at the CIC co-hosted by NSTE where we have a life-sized Shroud of Turin replica. Click to learn more about our July 20 and March 28 educational events. The goal of NSTE is to produce a permanent Shroud of Turin Exhibit in Washington, D.C. and every day we are moving closer to making that happen with your prayers and financial support.


  • British Shroud of Turin Society leaders meet National Shroud of Turin Exhibit Team members in London

    Posted by · September 25, 2023

    Starting left: Michael Kowalski who is Editor of the British Shroud of Turin Society (BSTS). David Rolfe, the former BSTS editor and legendary Shroud film producer. David Adams, adviser to the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) and Myra Kahn Adams, Executive Director of NSTE and SignFromGod.org. We had an enlightening lunch and discussed ways to partner while David and Myra visited London on Sept. 18, 2023. 

    David Rolfe, Myra Kahn Adams and Lynn Kowalski, who does outreach for the BSTS, shows the gift from Myra of the Holy Shroud Fragrance. Next to Lynn is Michael Kowalski. The Holy Shroud Fragrance was developed by Abba Oil Christian Products' owners Roger and Greer Kenworthy after years of Biblically-based research. Proceeds benefit the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit's mission of building a permanent Shroud of Turin exhibit in Washington, DC. 

    Myra and Pam Moon who is a renowned Shroud of Turin scholar in front of the Holy Face image part of her temporary Shroud of Turin exhibit at All Saints Church - Notting Hill, London. Pam's educational Shroud exhibits are shown throughout the UK and always well-attended.

  • National Shroud of Turin Exhibit Team at World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal

    Posted by · August 07, 2023

    Educating the Youth at World Youth Day About The Shroud of Turin, August 1-6 Lisbon, Portugal.

    Nora Creech shares her experiences at World Youth Day with Dr. Cheryl White and Father Andrew Dalton, L.C., who are all National Shroud of Turin Exhibit Team members.

    Nora wrote: As a representative of the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit, I was privileged to join the pilgrimage to Lisbon to participate in World Youth Day 2023.  I met my colleagues, Dr. Cheryl White, and Fr. Andrew Dalton, in Lisbon to present two catechesis sessions on “The Worlds’ Greatest Mystery: The Shroud of Turin”.   We spoke at the Forum Lisboa (a civic auditorium in downtown Lisbon).  Eager young adults from all over the world found their way to this obscure location to learn more about the Shroud.  Read more..


    Three team members from the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) - Dr. Cheryl White, Nora Creech and Fr. Andrew Dalton, L.C - were among the 1.5 million attendees at World Youth Day - the Catholic festival held in Lisbon, Portugal from August 1-6. Pope Francis addressed the massive crowd with pilgrims from every country in world. Cheryl, Nora and Fr. Dalton represented NSTE with two, 3-hour presentations and one 90-minute talk about the Shroud of Turin to a combined audience of 1,400 people. They also distributed 40,000 Shroud of Turin calling cards with a QR code directed to NSTE's site menu “Learn About The Shroud” (shown below).

    Photos: Above, from WYD program about the first Shroud session. Below left from L. to R., Dr. Cheryl White, Fr. Andrew Dalton, L.C., and Nora Creech on their way to their first presentation attended by 800 pilgrims. Next, Fr. Dalton addressing the crowd. Then, during the presentation Cheryl and Nora "wrapped" a volunteer to demonstrate how the Man of the Shroud was wrapped in His burial shroud. Bottom: Front and back of 40,000 business cards that our team distributed to WYD attendees. 



    Congrats to the NSTE team for a job well done! 




  • Successful Shroud Program at Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. on July 20

    Posted by · July 23, 2023

    The Catholic Information Center (CIC) and The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) co-hosted the program "Shroud of Turin: Mystery and History" on July 20 to a packed house at CIC's headquarters in Washington, D.C.

    Pictured from L. to R: Lisa Rowan and David Adams (both on NSTE Executive Leadership Team), Myra Kahn Adams (NSTE Executive Director), Dr. Cheryl White (program speaker and on NSTE Executive Leadership Team), Cardinal–Designate Papal Nuncio Christophe Pierre (Vatican Amb. to U.S.), and Fr. Charles Trullols (CIC Director). Dr. Cheryl White spoke about the Shroud in the context of history and its unsolved mysteries. Cardinal–Designate Papal Nuncio Christophe Pierre, addressed the audience with thoughtful remarks concerning the Shroud in relation to our resurrection through Christ.

    The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) plans to produce a permanent Shroud of Turin Exhibit in Washington, D.C. Its first mini-exhibit is a life-sized Shroud replica on display at CIC (cicdc.org).

  • Shroud Speaker Event - July 20 in Washington, D.C.

    Posted by · July 10, 2023

    One of our esteemed National Shroud of Turin Exhibit team members, Dr. Cheryl White, is speaking at the Catholic Information Center (CIC) in Washington, D.C. 1501 K Street, NW, on July 20, 6-8 pm .  RSVP here for the program and reception.

    The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit is co-sponsoring this inspiring and enlightening event where you will see a life-sized Shroud of Turin replica - the first National Shroud of Turin "Exhibit." Our goal is to build a permanent Shroud exhibit in Washington, D.C.


    Dr. White will discuss the Shroud’s unexplained properties that baffle modern science. The linen cloth shows a mysterious image of a crucified man who bears all the related wounds that mirror the Gospel narratives of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Its unique image characteristics and compelling scientific data make it the most studied artifact in the world from many academic disciplines. A life-sized Shroud of Turin replica is on display during her talk, sponsored by the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit, which plans to produce a permanent Shroud of Turin Exhibit in Washington, D.C. Co-Sponsored with The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit.