Shroud Speaker Event - July 20 in Washington, D.C.

One of our esteemed National Shroud of Turin Exhibit team members, Dr. Cheryl White, is speaking at the Catholic Information Center (CIC) in Washington, D.C. 1501 K Street, NW, on July 20, 6-8 pm .  RSVP here for the program and reception.

The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit is co-sponsoring this inspiring and enlightening event where you will see a life-sized Shroud of Turin replica - the first National Shroud of Turin "Exhibit." Our goal is to build a permanent Shroud exhibit in Washington, D.C.


Dr. White will discuss the Shroud’s unexplained properties that baffle modern science. The linen cloth shows a mysterious image of a crucified man who bears all the related wounds that mirror the Gospel narratives of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Its unique image characteristics and compelling scientific data make it the most studied artifact in the world from many academic disciplines. A life-sized Shroud of Turin replica is on display during her talk, sponsored by the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit, which plans to produce a permanent Shroud of Turin Exhibit in Washington, D.C. Co-Sponsored with The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit.