Exhibit Team

The team of the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE) is comprised of 14 national and international Shroud experts, scholars, speakers, influencers, authors, and all-around movers and shakers who have spent decades dedicated to Shroud of Turin education or research.  

The team's Executive Leadership is maximizing momentum after spearheading the exhibition about the Shroud of Turin at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. As scheduled, the exhibition opened on Feb. 26, 2022, and closed on July 31, 2022. During its tenure, the exhibition was the museum’s most popular attraction, substantiating the demand for a permanent Shroud exhibit in the nation’s capital.

Then, NSTE's first "mini-exhibit" began on March 9, 2023. NSTE was part of a four organization colloboration displaying a life-sized Shroud of Turin replica (produced in Turin, Italy) at the Catholic Information Center (CIC) in Washington, D.C. The replica exhibit is on display through February 2024. (See Exhibit News.) Read the CIC press release for all the details.

March 9, 2023: A banner day for the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit (NSTE). Our first mini-exhibit was installed at the Catholic Information Center (CIC) in Washington, DC, close to the White House. Pictured from left to right is CIC Director Father Charles Trullols, Myra Kahn Adams - Executive Director of the NSTE, and David Adams from NSTE executive team. The life-sized Shroud replica will be on display through February 2024 at the CIC, 1500 K St. NW, Wash. DC. cicdc.org