Joe Marino


      Joseph Marino has a B.A. in Theological Studies from St. Louis University.  He has researched, written and lectured extensively on the Shroud since 1977.  He is retired from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he worked in the library system.

      In 1977, he saw a book on the Shroud of Turin, which he had never heard of before, even though he was raised as a Catholic. He read the book in one sitting and became fascinated by the subject and proceeded to collect any material on it that he could find.  

      In January 1980 he joined the Benedictine monastery St. Louis Priory, which later became known as the St. Louis Abbey.  In 1986, he attended his first Shroud conference and met for the first time, some of the top scientists and researchers involved.

     Marino left the monastery in 1998, but continued his Shroud research.  He has authored two Shroud books, including an eight-hundred-page work on the controversial 1988 dating.  He has also authored over 70 Shroud articles.

     He is a board member of the “Shroud of Turin Research and Education Association” and of “Sign from God” and a member of the Shroud Science Internet group.