Dr. Gus Accetta


August David Accetta MD completed his medical education at Marquette medical college of Wisconsin and his residency at UCLA/Kern in 1990. His medical specialty is reconstructive pelvic surgery. His interest in the Shroud began as a child with his parents exposing him to his first images of the Shroud of Turin in the 1970s. Though he considered the images mysterious, his research in the Shroud did not begin until 1994. He founded the SHROUD CENTER of Southern California in 1996 and collaborated with many in the main stream of Shroud research at that time. Dr. Accetta’s primary research investigates nuclear imaging’s contribution to image formation on the Turin Shroud. His first of four scientific papers was published in the proceedings of the Dallas’ first international Congress in 1999. Three more followed in the Congress of Orvieto Italy, Richmond Virginia, and the second international Congress in Dallas 2002.