Mark Antonacci


Mark has studied all aspects of the Shroud for more than 40 years. For over two decades, he has proposed that new, non-destructive or minimally invasive tests be adapted and applied to the Shroud and various materials on it at their molecular and atomic levels. This testing would not only prove their ages, but what caused all the unique features throughout its unparalleled body images and blood marks. These new scientific techniques could even prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether an unprecedented radiating event occurred to the multiply-wounded, crucified corpse wrapped in this cloth, which not only encoded all of these features, but left unnatural and unforgeable evidence of when, where, and to whom all of these events occurred.

Mark is an attorney and has authored the two most comprehensive and substantive books on the Shroud, The Resurrection of the Shroud in 2000 and Test the Shroud in 2015. He is writing a third book titled The Shroud of Turin 101. Mark is also the founder and president of Test The Shroud Foundation, a 501(c) (3) not for profit corporation. And a founding board member of