$1 Million Challenge to Replicate Shroud of Turin Press Conference after National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

February 8 was a banner day for the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit. First we had an information table at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., then hosted a press conference to announce the $1 Million Challenge to replicate the Shroud of Turin expanded to the USA.

Above, our booth at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. Below team members, left to right: Dr. Cheryl White, Nora Creech, Myra Kahn Adams and Lisa Rowan with a mini-Shroud replica that Nora brought from Turin.


Below: David Rolfe, our special guest from the UK, is a legendary award-winning Shroud filmmaker. In 2022, in his film "Who Can He Be?" David challenged the British Museum to the first "$1 Million Challenge." It was the British Museum that managed the infamous 1988 C-14 dating concluding the Shroud was produced between 1260 - 1390 by a medieval artist. The Museum's botched testing has been globally criticized for decades to this day. Since the Museum never responded to the Challenge, the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit is promoting the expansion of David Rolfe's $1 Million Challenge to the United States.

Our news conference generated numerous articles in publications such as the Catholic Register- International Edition and Catholic Review and then widely reposted. On February 12, the Townhall.com Shroud Challenge article was picked up on RealClearReligion and reposted on RealClearPolitics.com. Then the piece remained on the RealClearReligion's "Most Read Last 7 Days" list for a week. 

Furthermore, the global distribution network for EWTN - Catholic News Agency - featured the "mothership" article about Catholic Breakfast headlined "National Catholic Prayer Breakfast speakers highlight joy and sacrifice of the Christian life" that was picked up around the nation and world. The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit was mentioned at the end and one of our team members Nora Creech was extensively quoted:

"Also present were several members of the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit, who held a press conference after the breakfast in which they announced plans to open a new permanent exhibit soon in Washington, D.C. Nora Creech, an expert on the Shroud of Turin, explained that their efforts to bring renewed attention to the Shroud of Turin are based on a desire to debunk a controversial radiocarbon study by the British Museum that alleged the relic was a medieval fraud. Creech said that by educating others on the authenticity of the shroud they hope to help people encounter Christ and the joy and wonder of the faith."

“We have two generations that haven’t heard about the shroud because of this radiocarbon dating,” she said. “When I go in parishes and give talks, young people come up to me and they have tears in their eyes, and they say: ‘Why has nobody ever told me this before? Why is it that the Gospel is revealed here in this linen cloth, and this is the first time I’m hearing about it?’” “So,” she went on, “we are all just passionate about sharing with this generation that they can come to know Jesus, they can know that the Gospels are true by studying his holy shroud.”

Press conference Feb. 8, 2024. From left to right: Myra Kahn Adams, David Rolfe, Russ Breault, Dr. Cheryl White and Nora Creech. Stay tuned, as the National Shroud of Turin Exhibit explores locations for what will be our future home. We trust that Jesus is leading our search and will find us major donors.